Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beach Weekend

A few weekends ago, a bunch of PCVs got together to enjoy a nice beach vacation to celebrate the previously mentioned one-year in country anniversary. About 20 of us traveled to Ssese islands on Lake Victoria to enjoy the sand and sun. We relaxed on the beach, avoided the water like the plague (that darn schistosomiasis), and even played capture the flag. All in all, a fabulous time.

Cormac the mermaid!

Snoozing in a hammock (complete with mosquito net!)

Peace Corps goal 2: teaching Ugandans how to build sand castles

Reading on the beach


This is definitely still Africa :)
ttfn! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wow, I've been here a year already!

So one year ago today I left the grand ol’ U S of A for Uganda. I feel like such a important anniversary deserves a blog post, but I don’t know what to write that will do justice to the occasion. Instead, I will create a short list of memorable moments of the past year:
  1. Watching a small baby cry hysterically as older children offered her to me for eating (there is a myth that whites eat African babies)
  2. The first time I could go to the market and bargain for my food with out having to use English
  3. My first Christmas abroad with a fabulous friend, Lisa – Christmas miracles and Christmas crumble
  4. Playing yahtzee by candlelight with other volunteers
  5. Watching the last Harry Potter movies in the one theater in Uganda
  6. Busoga girls nights with the lovely Lusoga Ladies
  7. Days of eating – where we spend the day restaurant hopping in Jinja
  8. Having my co-workers tell other mzungus that they are visitors, but that I am now a Musoga
  9. Getting lost on our way to an Indian restaurant in Kigali, and then finally eating the best Indian food I’ve had in a year
  10. Watching Drew struggle through about a dozen power outages to bake delicious cookies in his new electric oven (also called Drew’s easy-bake oven)
All in all, it's great to be able to look back one year later and know that we’ve got a truly amazing PC group, full of great people and great friends – and that all 45 of us are still here! :)