Mailing Instructions

Here's my address at site:

Rashida Hassan
P.O. Box 109
Iganga, Uganda

- Be aware that mail can take up to 1-2 months to arrive, if at all
- Write "Air Mail" and "Par Avion" on envelopes
- Padded envelopes work better than boxes for packages (they're treated as letters)
- Writing something religious (like bible verses, crosses, or writing "Sister (my name)" in the address line) can also help my mail reach me safely!
- Print the address very clearly, preferably in all capital letters
- Postcards should be sent in envelopes (or they might end up decorating the wall of the local post office).
- Also, be as vague as possible on the customs forms. Instead of DVDs or Books, write “educational material” or “nutritional material” for food products, etc. That way the temptation to look inside may be reduced.
- Tape packages very well - they are handled roughly!

All letters/packages are greatly appreciated!! :)